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FSCalendar in iOS Swift

FSCalendaris a fully customizable iOS calendar library. So its property is fully useful.

It is an open-source iOS calendar. It supports horizontal, portrait sliding mode, and other functions.



To successfully integrate the FSCalendar we have to follow the following steps:-

Step To Integrate FSCalendar

Step 1:Add ‘FSCalendar’ In The Project.

Before we start first integrate FSCalendar into your Xcode project using CocoaPods.


Step 2:- Now follows the below points.

(i) Drag an UIView object to ViewController Scene.

(ii) Change the Custom Class to FSCalendar.

After following the above two points. It will look like the below-mentioned screenshot.


Step 3:- Next part is it’s ‘FSCalendarDataSource‘ and  ‘FSCalendarDelegate’.

Add FSCalendarDataSourceand  ‘FSCalendarDelegate’ in your view controller. So that we can use its delegates and data source methods.

Now we will look into this.

1) First, we see FSCalendardataSource.

The following  ‘FSCalendardataSource’ method is:-

             ==> Asks the dataSource for a title for the specific date.

             ==> Asks the dataSource for a subtitle.

             ==> Asks the dataSource for an image for the specific date.

             ==> Asks the dataSource the minimum date to display.

             ==> Asks the dataSource the maximum date to display.

            ==> Asks the data source for a cell to insert in a particular data of the calendar.

Let see some Example.

The following method is:-

Before using cellfor we first have to register the cell. After that, we can use cellFor date.

The following method is:-

2) Now, we see FSCalendarDelegate

The following method is:-

            ==> It specifies whether date is allowed to be selected by tapping.

          ==> Tells the delegate the calendar is about to change the current page.

Now we see some examples of ‘FSCalendarDelegate’

The following method is:-




So please follow the above step to integrate FSCalendar, and if you have any issue or suggestion you can leave your query/suggestion in the comment section.

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