Animated Container in Flutter


If you are reading this article, you must already know about Container. A Container is a well-known widget in flutter. It is a widget that combines common painting, positioning, and sizing widgets. It has various well-defined properties such as coloralignmentpaddingwidth, and height. Animated Container in flutter is simply a container widget with animation.

You can use the Animated Container widget if you want to create an animation every time any value changes. AnimatedContainer works by starting an animation that plays for the given duration when the value of the property changes.

Now let’s check how can we implement Animated Container in flutter.

Create a stateful widget.


Add an Animated Container widget.

Add different properties such as width, height, color, and duration of the animation, and provide an optional curve to make the animation feel smoother.

Define width, height & color.

Altering the properties.

Add a FAB & on the onPressed function of FAB and alter the Animated Container properties by randomly generating the height, width & color of the container.



Full code:



This is how we create Animated Container in flutter.

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