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Social Login helps the customers signup through multiple social media accounts using their mobile phones. Social Login is for end-users as everybody is using Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

With the help of Social Login, customers can enter the site without creating an account. They use their credentials from third-party providers.

Almost every company is using this feature, as this feature helps in reducing timing which leads more users to signup. More user signup leads to more user data and we all know data in today’s world is very useful.

The users can directly sign in to a third-party website without creating an account. 

The benefits of social login:

  • Improve customer experience
    • Now customers can directly come and enter the website with a single click.
  • No need to remember the password
    • Password is linked with the social media accounts, so there is no need to enter a password during login
  • Decreases fake accounts
    • All the social media accounts authenticate the user before signup, so the probability of fake accounts is low.
  • Increases user data
    • During signup, data gets transferred as customers link their social media accounts.
    • Getting user data from any company is essential these days.

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