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Push Notifications: in Mobikul Mobile App Builder

Online Business is all about luring customers to your stores and retaining them. For that, online merchants have been practicing various methodologies, Push Notification being one of them.

When talking about Mobile Apps, Push Notifications have become one of the trending features.

Simple and effective as it is, the customers just need to install your mobile app and allow notifications to acquaint themselves with exciting offers running in a store.

So every time there is an offer or sale or new product launch, your customers will receive notifications on their personal devices instantly.

Push Notification is a great way of keeping the customers engaged with your product; most of all it focuses on delivering the right content to the customers at the right time.

On the other hand, the store admin has the leverage to send push notifications for Products or Categories.

UseCase: Push Notification

Let us understand this through a real-time example.

We must have noticed we receive multiple SMS texts for various services and products which even include the links; at the same time how many of us hit the link given along with the text message?

Not many, I believe!

At the same time, if you receive a push notification on your device, that says, ‘70% off on your on favorite Bluetooth speaker’, you are likely to tap on the link which in turn redirects you to the app and you may even end up buying it.

This is the essence of Push Notification! It lures you to navigate to the application and when talking of SMS and Emails, we might even end up adding these to our spam folders.

Usability in Mobikul Mobile App

Mobikul, which is a product of Webkul, is a sound solution that facilitates and easy to go purchase scenarios for your Magento 2 store’s customers. Likewise, Mobile App Builder is one handy way out to develop customized apps for your website.

Push Notifications is one of the sure short features that one must integrate with the Mobile App Builder if you wish to experience:-



Hence, keep up with the digital mobile app pace.

That’s all for the Push Notifications: in Mobikul Mobile App Builder. If you still face any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at


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