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Mobikul POS Native App Builder

For Magento


Magento POS Native App Builder

Magento POS Native App Builder will convert the Magento based store into the native POS mobile application. The Mobikul Point of Sale (POS) Application has the tremendous features and functionalities with great user experience. The app will provide a user-friendly experience to your sales agents. The sales agents can easily handle the application on their tablets. The Native Application where the merchant/sales agent can easily create the orders by using the application on his tablet device. Also, it works in offline mode. So what you waiting for, you must have a POS Mobile App with great features & functionalities.

NOTE: To use this POS native App Builder, you must have installed the module Point of Sale System For Magento (POS) to your default Magento Store.

Offline Mode:

The Native POS App provides the most valuable and unique feature so that your sales agent, cashier etc. can work on POS App in offline mode also. They can use all the functions and features of the POS in the offline mode. They can complete all the transactions without the use of the internet. This feature will also benefit you when you are having your store in poor internet connectivity area or no internet area.

All Types Of Product Supported:

The Mobile App supports all the type of products which are supported by default Magento Store. For Example – It supports Simple, Grouped, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable, and, bundle products.

Barcode Scanning:

The POS App supports the barcode scanning as well. The sales agent/cashier can scan the barcode by using the device camera and the products will be added automatically to the cart.

Print Receipt:

The Sales agent can print the invoice.Print receipt works with any wifi printer or Bluetooth printer, and for USB we have integrated it with EPSON PRINTER SERIES: TM-T82 printer.

Add New Customers:

The Sales Agent can add new customer by using the native POS App at any time. If the customer is new then the sales agent can add the customer record during the checkout process and can complete the process.

Real Time Synchronization:

The App will synchronize with your Web Store in the real time. If the Admin made changes like add products, categories, product images, App banners, icons etc from the Web backend panel then it will reflect in the app instantly with no time delay.

Fully Native App:

The Application is fully native. It has the better user-friendly experience so that the sales agent can easily handle all the transactions over the mobile platform.


Want a Customized App for your eCommerce Store

Customization is very much beneficial for the Application because the requirement of every user or eCommerce Store is different from the others, so to help you out we have provided the Application Code which is open, so that you can easily customize the Application as per your need.